Calling for 100 Prayer Warriors

Dear praying friends,

We are on a mission to collect 100 PRAYER Warriors!! We are in desperate need of your prayers as we prepare ourselves for the mission field. This work must GO forward on our knees, as Hudson Taylor the great missionary to Chine once said. Would you join us, and commit to praying for us?

Pray request will be updated as we make our journey to Ireland.

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23 Responses to Calling for 100 Prayer Warriors

  1. We’ll join you in prayer! Proud of you both. Jeremy & Kristy

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  3. Paula Phillips says:

    It would be my honor to pray for you guys for I surely know that the Lord sends you. Not only will we pray for you and your family, but we will pray for the harvest. It is my prayer the Lord uses you both along w/ His other servants to turn Ireland upside down for His glory and honor…..may Ireland be well represented at His throne on that bright and glorious day.

  4. Jack Blair says:


    I enjoyed talking with you on Sunday about St. Patrick and “Let Me Die in Ireland.” Keep seeking God’s Kingdom. I will be praying for y’all like I do for J&R B33man. (Note: Please use “encryption” code for the above names. 🙂 ) It will be exciting to hear how your trip goes this winter.

    In Christ,

  5. Katherine H. says:

    I will be praying for you, and for Ireland.

  6. Faith F. Schatte says:

    I would like to join ya’ll in prayer!

  7. Myers Family says:

    Hi Guys, you can count on us, we are behind you every step of the way. May the Lord direct your steps.

  8. George and Sue Hammontree says:

    We thank the Lord for you both and Addie. You have added a sweet spirit to our church, Greenback Memorial Baptist. The love you show to family, church family, and the Lord is so evident. You will always be in on hearts and in our prayers. We know the Lord will use you in a great way. We are honored to be a part of your mission work with our prayers.

  9. Esther & Lizzy Schatte says:

    We would love to pray for you all! God bless,

    Esther & Lizzy

  10. Jonathan Hawkins says:

    I have been and will continue to hold you guys up in prayer. It is a powerful tool that God has given us the awesome priviledge of using anytime and anywhere. Wow! What an amazing God we serve!!

  11. Fay Family from Texas says:

    We really enjoyed meeting your lovely family at the Fitzgeralds’ home recently. We’d love to add your family to our prayers. We are planning on posting to a world map the names and pictures of family and friends serving the Lord across the globe as a reminder to pray! May the Lord richly bless you!

  12. Joleen Waltman says:

    you can count on me!

  13. Darrell & Kim Waltman says:

    We are behind you all the way, in every way we can!
    You are always in our prayers.
    Darrell and Kim

  14. Suzi Beeman says:

    Grateful for the opportunity to pray daily for you and your ministry!!


  15. Julie Smith says:

    Have been praying. God bless. Love and miss you all.

  16. Wesley and Georgia Weldon says:

    We will be part of your 100 Prayer Warriors. Wes

  17. Emily Hearn says:

    I would love to be a part of your praying team, I am really inspired and encouraged by your dedication to the Lord and His work.

    May He continue to richly bless you as you seek His will and follow His ways in all you do!

  18. It will be an honor to pray for you all. We’re excited about what the Lord is going to do through you!

  19. Robin Weston says:

    Dear Kevin and Darleen, I love you so much and am very pleased how the Lord is working in your lives. Praise God , you are willing to follow the Lord all the way! Love, Mum

  20. Tim & Rhonda Stoker says:

    We will join in to pray for you and the mission work; for God’s guidance, protection, provision, peace, and anointing that breaks the yoke. Jesus is coming soon and we must work while it is still day. The harvest is great and the laborers are few. God bless you for answering the call and stepping out in faith. Our prayers will go with you.
    Sending our love ~ Uncle Tim & Aunt Rhonda

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