Our Family of Three’s 1st Trip to Texas!

Howdy Y’all (as the natives might say in Texas!),

We (Kevin, Darleen, and baby Addie) have just returned from an excited, encouraging, and exhilarating trip to Texas! God opened the doors so we could speak to two different groups about our vision for Ireland. Not only were we encouraged by the fellowship we received, but by the open hearts of both young and older Christians to support us in prayer for the mission field.

In addition, God answered one specific need we had for our work. We chose not to share the specific need, but wait and seek the Lord to provide. Indeed, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies”(Hudson Taylor). He provided the exact amount of money needed to purchase a software for the mission office! Praise the LORD!!

We are praising the Lord for a blessed time in the Lone Star State!



PS. We’re still recruiting 100 Prayer Warriors. Please sign up by leaving a comment on our previous post: 100 Prayer Warriors.

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One Response to Our Family of Three’s 1st Trip to Texas!

  1. Faith F. Schatte says:

    Howdy ya’ll!

    It was great to see ya’ll!! Please come again soon! You are welcome to the Lone Star State whenever you come!

    God bless ya’ll!


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