Dear Family and…

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year is soon upon us. We are so grateful to the Lord for all He has directed us to do this 2011. We have just settled down in our new California home — and we’re loving it! It is quite a cheery, cozy home. We are thankful to the Lord for His provision. Kevin is enjoying his internship with Pastor Orman of Warner Ave Baptist Church. The church has been a tremendous blessing to us on this journey to Ireland, we are grateful to them! 


We are also grateful to you all for your continued support, either by your notes of encouragement, your financial support, and/or your prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


We are now especially looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2012. One extra blessing for 2012 is another baby! He/she will be due in August. Maybe now people will ask whether we have triples, as they already ask if Addie and William are twins. 🙂 


We initially had plans to visit Biblical Ministries Worldwide 2 week Candidate Orientation this summer, but because of the difficulty of Darleen traveling while 8 months pregnant, we will be attending the January 2012 Orientation in Atlanta, Ga, which is less than a month away! Following Orientation,  we’ll return to California to finish our Internship and start deputation. 




  • Safe move to California
  • The Internship is going well
  • God’s provision for various household items


  • Jan. 9-20 Candidate Orientation
  • Darleen’s morning sickness while traveling
  • Addie and William as we travel
  • Provision for the trip
We hope you have a Merry, merry Christmas!
Kevin and Darleen Weston

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