Moving out West – Sep 2011 Update

Dear Friends,

God has been directing and redirecting our path this year. Shortly after returning home from our survey trip to Ireland, we’ve been in contact with several mission boards. We have two mission organizations that we’ve talked with and have applied for: Cross World Missions and Biblical Missions Worldwide. 
God now has opened the doors for us to take an internship with Kevin’s home church in Huntington Beach, California. This would be an approximate 6 to 12 month internship, which we hope to directly go to our mission board’s 2-3 week orientation summer 2012, then start our deputation process thereafter while finishing our internship with Warner Ave Baptist Church.
We are leaving for California October 18th, just a short two weeks away. Packing is commencing… loads and loads of fun! 🙂 We’ll be flying out there initially. Kevin and his brother will return to drive the vehicles out West in early November. Please keep us in your prayers.
Pray for:
  • That we’ll be a blessing to the church
  • That we’ll learn a lot from our internship
  • Adjustments for Darleen and the little ones
Of other news, Addie is growing so tall. She says William now. It is more like, “Willa, Willa, Willa!” William is now 5-months old. He is a chunky, little guy. He simply loves to entertain with his smile! Attached is a new family picture we took just last week. 
In His Service,
Kevin and DarleenImage
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